Starting today, there are some new things for Beta users to play with.� Interested in finding out what they are?� We're excited to tell you about them!

First up is something that's been a popular request from our subscribers: An easier way to upload photos to your sidebar.� Instead of the previous method of manually uploading the image to your account and then creating the necessary HTML code, you can now use our automated method.

By simply using the new widget you see above at Design > Content, you can skip right to putting your image in the sidebar.� There's even options to have a larger image open in a pop-up or to link the image to a URL.

What a great new feature! Now you don't have to upload an image to your File Manager and write HTML code to create the link. I will be creating a new video in Stamping and Blogging as well to showcase this great new feature (in BETA). Have fun!

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