In searching for a topic to share with you…I came across this great, free tool, My Site Auditor.  I was first researching it about sharing a tutorial on how to install it on your site…but then if you're not in the Blog Developer, that would not be all that useful to you.


BUT…this tool itself is amazing and you have to go run your audit today, and try different keywords…you may find you get a better SEO Audit Score with different keywords.


  1. Go to
  2. Don't do the Free Trial or purchase anything (unless you are a blog developer, create/setup websites for a business and want to offer this tool and use it to gain leads on SEO services you offer).

    You do not need to embed this tool into your sidebar to use it.

  3. Instead, go to the left side.
  4. Enter Your website or specific pages to test, a post URL for example.
  5. Enter the Keywords you're targeting.
  6. Your Name and Email.
  7. Clck Scan Now.
  8. And within minutes or less, you'll have a full report on how you can better your site! 

When I did mine, I realized I don't use enough headings (H1, H2, H3 for example) and don't use my keywords enough in my headings. That I have to update my Meta Tag Description, and use more Alt tags on my images.  Oh..and something about not using underscores…so be sure to use Dashes….It was very informative!

You may also use these tools to help identify and use keywords in your site, for your niche and expertise:

Enjoy and I hope this tool helps you better optimize your site! 

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