Want to know how fast your site is loading? No? Well, you should. If your site doesn't load in approximately 5 seconds or less, then you're already lost a potential new follower, new customer. 

You only have a few seconds to gain their interest.  So in addition to having a site that loads fast, make sure it looks good (great!) and that you have a clear mission statement and call-to-action!  They need to know what you offer and what the next step is.

Okay, so back to page speed.  Check out this free tool by Pingdom.  Simply enter your blog's address and wait for the results.



Heather Wright-Porto

Stamping and Blogging

Want to know more? We are on Day 19 of our Better Business Blogging in 21 Days, and discuss even more tools for page speed and discuss the most common issues and how to fix them.  Click to learn more about Stamping and Blogging!

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