Here's a great new SEO tool for you! It's called AHrefs. Pretty cool name right? YES, since it's all about links…specifically what is known as "backlinks".  Backlinks are simply those sites (which contain links) that link to you!

Backlinks Analysis

I used to to find those that I have lost…. Lost Links. Which normally means the post or page has been removed from the source or is now a broken link in that I may have deleted the page or post they were linking to, etc.  

To help build your SEO ranking and overall online presence, you want high quality links to your site!


Now, I have not been posting like I used to back in the day…but I used my site as an example anyway to show you the Dashbaord and all the great info you can gain from this type of tool.  I do have many links to my site, which is great 😀  But I have lost some links too.  Anyway…give this tool a try!  Visit to get started.




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