I just read an article from Convince And Convert about "5 Things You Need To Know About Google's Mobile Changes", and most you may have heard before…but I wanted to take a moment to concentrate on the App Indexing (although only for Android smart phones at the moment).  

So how does this work? First, you must have a website to accompany your app. Developers need to implement the App Indexing API into the mobile app to get started, and then annotate their website pages with app links that can be opened in the mobile app. Read more about this and consult your app developer on the best way to implement these changes. Here at Bluebridge, we’ll be proactively consulting with our clients about rolling out these changes in addition to other best practices as they evolve. (Convince And Convert, 5 Things You Need To Know About Google's Mobile Changes)


What Is App Indexing?

Google explains it best:

App Indexing allows you to connect pages from your website with specific content within your smartphone app. This enables smartphone users who have your app installed to open it directly from relevant mobile search results on Google.


(Image from Google's site)

Click here for Google's article.

Click here to learn how to implement App Indexing on your website.



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