I've been listening to free webinars by Jeanine O'Neill-Blackwell about creating successful, profitable online courses. You can check out her site here. She offers a 7-module online course (I am not an affiliate, just have been enjoying her free videos and free webinars).

Some helpful tips I got from listening to my first webinar with Jeanine Blackwell:

First, in creating a course, you need to determine NOT what you want to TEACH your audience, but answer and address what it is your audience is ASKING.  You need to determine that SOLUTION (not simply what you want to share or think would be helpful).

  • Examine comments on your blog.
  • Create a survey.
  • Read comments on other related sites.
  • Review Facebook posts, questions, answers, comments.
  • Go to Amazon and read reviews on popular books on your topic and see what the customers valued and what more they were looking for.

Four key questions to get you started on outlining your online course:

1) If they complete your course, _________ will happen.

2) How will they do this? How will you help them achieve (give them the tools)?

3) What do they need to know (prior to taking the course)?

4) Why should they take your course…right now (create the urgency)?

In listening to her sessions and thinking about all my clients that want to create online courses/classes, I started searching for affordable options where there is minimal programming (or NO programming needed).  Then I came across UseFedore.com.

  • Click here to view a free demonstration on how to create your courses online!
  • Click here to visit UseFedora.com and get started today! It's free to sign-up and to create your online course!  If you then charge a fee for your course, they take a small percentage (so that's how they get paid for offering the hosting).


Companies like TechCrunch, VentureBeat, Bloomberg use this platform! 

So if you want to offer an online course and
want to find some easy, affordable way to host it,
check out UseFedora.com!


Happy Blogging 😀
Heather Wright-Porto
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