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I want you to have the website you want in a way you can afford.
Blog Setup and Design - Exclusive DIY Theme

This special Website Setup & Design is based on the purchase of a No Hassle Website DIY Site (see below for more details).  It is AFFORDABLE because a bunch of the tech stuff is already done for you!  All the plugins and tools needed to keep your site secure, fast, SEO-ready and user-friendly is all ready to go!

First Things First

You will also need the following (if you do not already have).

  • Have you booked your Blog Setup & Design? Be sure that you have scheduled your Blog Setup & Design on my CalendarClick here if you haven’t yet. If you can’t find the date you’re interested in, please email me at and I’ll do my best to accomodate your schedule.
  • Do you have a domain?  This is your website address. For example, this site is Need one? Visit – you can get one through me! I‘m a GoDaddy reseller so you are backed by GoDaddy support too!
  • Do you need WordPress Hosting?  This is a company that hosts your WordPress site (where the content, media, files, for your site is stored).  I highly recommend and I personally use WordPress hosting with Webs By Amy. I also have worked with  SiteGround and Blue Host. I am an affiliate. 
    Blue Host being the most affordable option.
  • Have you chosen a DIY Site?  Click here to view the exclusive, custom, DIY Site designed just for my clients! Or you may also choose from one of No Hassle Website’s other DIY sites. This site,, is based off a DIY template from No Hassle Website, so you know I have personal experience with it.  Lastly, if you do not have WordPress hosting, No Hassle Website also offers that at $9 USD/Month.

Let's Get Started

DIY Custom TemplateIf you want a Website based off a pre-made DIY theme, from Neta’s team at No Hassle Website, then choose from one of the payment plans below. 

Click here to view the exclusive Demo of the custom, DIY Theme designed just for my clients!  Hope you love it as much as I do!  It is not publicly listed as one of her Demos/templates and it has been custom-made for my clients with all that I thought you would enjoy and need to showcase your business and product.

You may instead choose one of her other sites. Those are only $99 USD, where as the exclusive site, built for my clients, is powered with additional features and is $147 USD.


What’s Included in the DIY Exclusive Template?

I collaborated with Neta Talmor from No Hassle Website as I wanted to have a premade website ready for direct sellers, influencers, and coaches.  I thought of my former SU Demonstrators and other paper crafters and wanted a beautiful, professional, easy to maintain website that was affordable and functional.  So we created an exclusive site, just for you.

  • It includes a basic, custom graphic design package – a header/logo (typically sits in the header area of your site, such as near or above the Menu), favicon (a browser icon), watermark, Shop Now button (if you are a direct seller), as well as 1 image from Shutterstock or iStockPhoto (I am not an affiliate) to serve as the Main image on your site. Pixabay also has free images for use.
  • If you need additional design work, please Contact Me.

It features a loaded Home page (any of which you can choose to remove/hide):

  • Preloaded Main Images.
    • To make sure you can get up and running quickly, I have already loaded professional images in the Media Library you can use for your Main image and which match the overall site color/theme right out of the box.  As mentioned above though, as port of the blog setup I will gladly purchase one for you from Shutterstock or StockPhoto, or you may find what you need free on Pixabay.
  • Focused Image (of you or a favorite product) with Transparent Background.
  • Title and About Me.
  • Services.
  • Featured Products (WooCommerce-ready).
  • Blog Posts.
  • Gallery.
  • YouTube VIdeos.
  • Instagram Photos.
  • Sign Up for My Newsletter.
  • Pop-up Subscribe Box.

Additionally, since I have worked with many direct sellers, the Blog Sidebar is already preset with some favorites:

  • Search Bar.
  • Image and Contact Information.
  • Social Media Links.
  • Sign Up For Newsletter/Subscribe to My Blog.
  • Featured Products.
  • Disclaimer.

Because it is a No Hassle Website “site”, you are instantly one of Neta’s customers as well!

  • Her team will do the initial installation.
  • You should then join her No Hassle Facebook groups (as well as mine).
  • You’ll receive top-knotch customer support.
  • I’m excited for you to be part of that community too!

So where do I fit in? What are you paying me to do?

I will basically be completing all the “DIY” stuff that you would have had to do on your own.  If you want to do it all yourself, then you do not need to purchase this Blog Setup & Design package.  You will simply just purchase the Exclusive Site ($147 USD). You will then hear from Neta’s team to schedule installation and will have access to all the videos and instructions you need.

If you would like to work with me, schedule your Blog Setup & Design on my calendar! Then choose your payment plan below.  Neta’s team will still do the install of the chosen DIY site, and then I will continue with your Blog Setup & Design.

Lastly, please do not hesitate to contact me If you have questions or need more information about this Blog Setup & Design package. Email me at or visit my Contact Me page.

Custom Payment Plans

Do you need another type of installment/payment plan? Then please contact me. I know that at times money is tight. I completely understand. I still want you to be able to have a website you love and one that will help you with your business! So let’s chat about setting a custom payment plan up for you. Use the Contact Form below.

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