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Heather Wright-Porto

Hi there! It’s Heather. 

Many of you know me, worked with me, followed me as Blogs By Heather. I’m still the same person, well, several years older (hahaha), my beautiful, sweet children are now 11 and 14, I am a single Mom, have 2 fun dogs…..but, still wanting to find a way to help you with your blogs!

My Story

I think it was back in 2006 I joined Stampin’ Up! as a Demonstrator and had to create a blog for myself. That led to me making some for some fellow demonstrators. And I decided to turn that into a business “Blogs by Heather”. 

I then went on to write many how-to articles on blogging, sharing with all of you what I loved to do and all the different things I was learning.  Basically, showing you what it is I do when creating a blog (Blogger, TypePad, and WordPress).

In 2010, I was then contacted by Apress (book publishing company) to write a book on blogging! How cool is that! I ended up writing 2 books – one in 2010 (Beginning Google Blogger) and then another in 2011 (Creative Blogging). You can find them here on Amazon).  Beginning Google Blogger is solely on the Blogger platform (my old stamping site is a Blogger blog, HandStampedByHeather.com).  Creative Blogging is a book on Blogger, TypePad, and WordPress.com (the free version of WordPress) where many concepts can be applied to self-hosted WordPress blogs.

Then, I began to raise my beautiful family. Later, my son, diagnosed with Autism so I took several years off.  I also then got divorced and had to return to a more secure position to provide for my family.  My loves are now in 6th and 9th grade and they are thriving and doing more than fantastic! I am one proud momma!  So with their continued success, I think it is finally safe to return to you all and this website/blog design and setup business. 

I missed blogging and sharing with you what I learn and recommend for free; but then also want to be there for people who want me to setup their site for them or assist in maintaining their site.  I will also be developing online, affordable courses and hosting free challenges in case you prefer to learn that way. 

Stronger Together

In returning to the Blog Setup & Design business, I want you to have options, I want you to have the best.  So, I am collaborating with Amy and Neta to bring you different WordPress website options that fit your budget, taste and style, and delivered within a desired time frame.  Why am I promoting other businesses that appear to be competition?  Together we are stronger. We offer different solutions but with the same goal in mind – to help you build a function, professional, reliable, scalable yet easy-to-maintain website or blog.

Really looking forward to working with you guys again!

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Email: heather@heatherwrightporto.com

Phone: 914.260.2858

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