What I Do

I enjoy helping creative bloggers, who need assistance in setting up their WordPress website or blog. I'm working with two great woman to bring you services so your site can be up and running, quickly. Beautiful, scalable, affordable.

Bigger and Better

I have the pleasure of collaborating with these two WordPress Masterminds: Neta Talmor from No Hassle Website and Amy Celona of Webs By Amy.  From blog setup and design, WordPress hosting, installation and maintenance, as well as general blog help. Together we have you covered! 


MOTIVATION: People should be able to own a website to promote their products, services, or simply sharing what they love, and not have to break the bank to do it. 

 STRATEGY: I’m working with some incredible women to help you do just that!  Both offer WordPress hosting.  Both offer affordable blog solutions. Both offer support.

  • Amy will install, setup and design a complete WordPress site for you! It will be all done for you! You’ll just have to start posting.
  • Neta offers an incredible DIY solution. She installs the Theme/Site you purchased (from her No-Hassle Website or my Exclusive Site); but then you are responsible for customizing it with your own images and content; linking up your own social medial links, color/font customization, and so on. I worked with Neta’s team in creating a site specifically designed for my Creative and Crafty bloggers.  And only available for purchase through my website. View it here. Purchase it here.


SUCCESS: Helping you build your site! To provide different options to build a business WordPress site – and one that is affordable, beautiful, scalable.

Blog Setup and Design

Let's Build a Beautiful Website for Your Business

I want you to have the very best at an affordable price!  NO MORE paying THOUSANDS for a beautiful website loaded with all you need from SEO to security and backups.  Nope, instead you'll pay only hundreds (for me to complete it for you) or as little as $99 or $147 for a DIY site where you just have to replace the demo content with your own! 

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