Did you know that it is very easy to display a Gallery for Blogger. While Typepad has a built-in Gallery feature, Blogger now has Picasa Web Albums (http://picasaweb.google.com). 

If you login to your Blogger account and

  • Go to the Dashboard, on the right side next to Related Services, there is Picasa Web Albums.   
  • Or under the new layout, scroll to the button under Tools and Resources. This is a great and easy photo album tool.  You can set it up where it imports all the images on your blog!  Very cool. 

Some Notes of Concern

  • However, if you’ve inserted a signature image on several posts, it imports all of them.  So, I used this feature and have all my blog image in one album (Hand Stamped By Heather).  Then quickly and easily setup another album and uploaded a bunch of samples from my computer, and gave that album a new name "Stampin’ Up! Samples".
  • If you delete any image from your blog album (in my case Hand Stamped By Heather), then it deletes that image from your blog – so be careful!  Again, the best way is to simply create a new album and upload only the images you desire in your gallery (although there will/may be duplicates between the two albums (since you should NOT delete any items from your Blogger album).
  • A downside is that it is using your blogger image space. Meaning you have 1024 MB of space for uploading your projects images to Blogger.  You can later upgrade if you need more (10G for $20 per year, for example).

To Insert Your Gallery On Your Blogger Sidebar

  1. From your Picasa Web Home page (which displays all your albums), click on the album you would like to link to from your blog’s sidebar.
  2. This opens the chosen album.
  3. Look on the left side of your screen and you will see "Link to this Album".  Click that link.
  4. Select and copy the HTML code where it says "Paste HTML to embed in website."
  5. Now go back to your Blogger Dashboard.
  6. Then to Layout.
  7. Then Add a Page Element.
  8. Choose HTML/Javascript.
  9. Paste in the copied code and Save. Now the item is added to your sidebar (as the first element). Click and drag to the desired location on your sidebar.
  10. You’re done.

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