Hi there!  If you follow me on Facebook, then you may have heard that I am pursuing my Health and Life Coach certification.  While doing that, I am still helping people with their websites, design, course development and more.  So I am offering free Canva instruction and have a private Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/canvaforhealthcoaches where I am hosting all the content for now.  I am calling it Canva for Coaches but it’s all for anyone who wants to learn Canva (and specifically using the FREE version of Canva!).

Canva for Coaches

Come join the fun!

Canva for Coaches

  • For starters, we are creating a Mood Board.  This serves as the foundation of all projects to come. You will be choosing fonts, colors, inspirational images and all that encompass “you”.
  • Next, we’ll set Brand Colors.  In the free Canva, you can set 3.  This just makes it very easy to use and apply these colors throughout your Canva projects (without having to remember the Hex Color Codes).
  • Then, we’ll create a Logo within Canva!  You’ll get inspiration from your Mood Board and using your Brand Colors.
  • Then we are going to get ready to build a website using Canva!  So, we’ll start with purchasing a domain.  Then, we’ll create a very basic but beautiful site in Canva. This will simply give you presence and a way for clients to learn about your services, products, and a way to contact you (and later book an appointment via Calendly).  Lastly, we’ll forward your newly purchased domain to your new Canva site and you’re live!
  • We’ll continue building presentations for your business, upcoming webinar, or online course.
  • We’ll also learn how to create a Facebook Cover, Facebook Posts and to keep branding consistent through all social media.
  • We can also cover Instagram Stories and Posts.
  • Next learn how to design handouts and flyers for your business. 

All your business material, branded, beautiful, consistent.  

Get Started. Get Going. Join us Today!

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