A fellow dmonstrator from the SUDSOL group asked today how to create PDFs for free for her MS Word documents.  I found this nice tool, www.primopdf.com (and it converts MS Word documents as well as Excel, PowerPoint and many others)!

Best of all it is FREE!

Once you’ve downloaded/installed the software (a few minutes), then you can quickly create your first PDF.

  • Open MS Word.
  • Generate a simple document to test.
  • Go to File->Print and choose PrimoPDF as your printer!
  • It will launch PrimoPDF where it wants you to choose a desired location to save the PDF (such as My Documents).
  • Click CreatePDF and you’re done.

This is the most simplest, basic instructions for creating PDFs with this program.  However, it does come with much more advanced features, such as security. When you download/install the software it comes with a 21 page manual that looks wonderful.

Anyway, just another tool to enjoy!


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