It's that time of the month again when new promotions are released from Stampin' Up!  Be sure to visit Michelle's site for all the new, beautiful promotional buttons she has available: Or I'd be more than happy to maintain your sidebars for you!

BLOG MAINTENANCE (Sidebar Maintenance)

This is service to help you maintain the sidebars of your blog when new Stampin' Up! promotions or catalogs are released.  I will go into your blog and add the new sidebar items and remove old promotions/catalogs. 

For this service I bill on a monthly basis and here is the pricing – basically it is $5 per sidebar item being added, where you get one done for FREE!:

3 updates = $10
4 updates = $15
5 updates = $20
6 updates = $25
7 updates = $30 and so on (I have never had more than 7 in a month so far!)

Please freel free to ask me any questions about this service.

Happy Blogging!

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