Hi there!

Many of you know that I am expecting our 2nd child, Luke, any day now. My due date is Aug. 17th, but after visiting the doctor today I am already dilated (3 to 3-1/2 cm) and will probably have the baby sometime within the next week or so. We are very excited!!! And so is our daugther, Michaela, who just turned 3 this month.

A few have asked about sending me gifts or wanting to know if I had a registry.  I did not have a registry since this is our 2nd baby and we do have a lot saved from Michaela, but then some things of course you can always use…like diapers, wipes, A&D Cream and all that fun stuff!!!!  I can't find all my bottles (LOL). So I just put together this registry today.  Anything "boy" of course is welcomed as I have everything "girl" from Michaela.

Registry #: 48839263
Expected Arrival Date: 08/17/2009
For those Stampin' Up! demonstrators out there…of course anything handmade is always welcome — but again please DO NOT feel obligated at all.  I just know many have asked and I hadn't had a chance to personally email everyone back so I wanted to just post it here.
I'll be featuring a post on Luke when he arives and have a family photo to share as well.
Wish me luck!!!

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