For all my customers that are Stampin' Up! (SU) Demonstrators, the new BLOG feature is now available on the DBWS.

  • Login to DBWS.
  • Click Manage My Site.
  • Click on Blog Manager.
  • Go to Preferences and set the Title and Tag Line.
  • Save settings.
  • Then when you are read to post, click on Create & Edit.
  • Then add some Categories under Categories. It is good practice to give your posts (entries) a Category.
  • Click on New Entry.
  • Enter information and insert images using the toolbar options at the top (very WordPress-like).
  • Enter a Publish Time or choose Publish To Blog.
Your CUSTOMERS can find your blog under the ABOUT ME ("My Stampin' Blog").

Adding a PayPal Button

Follow this tutorial ( and then go to Source (1st button on top in the toolbar) to enter the HTML code.

Copying and Pasting Information from your "Other" Blog

  • You can also go to your other Blogger, WordPress or Typepad blog and open an existing post. 
  • Then  go to Edit HTML, select the code.
  • Then go back to your Stampin' Up! blog,
    create a New Entry, then go to Source and paste in the code.

Happy Blogging!

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