CM Capture 5 I'm sure you have noticed Facebook has modified many of its features, specifically the use of usernames – people love the ability to create a username which customizes your Facebook URL. For example, I created the username Blogs By Heather and my new URL to my Facebook Page is (it was previously

You can do this once you have 25 likes.

You can do this with your main account as well, not just for your "pages". For example, mine is now

To set a Facebook Page Username:

  • Login into your Facebook Account.
  • Then from the left, click on Ads and Pages.
  • From the left, click on Pages.
  • Click on Edit Page under the Page you would like to create the username for. NOTE, you can setup the username for your main account as well.

    CM Capture 4 

  • In this figure you can see my username is already created; but it is in that area you would check availability of a username and set it (and you can only do this ONCE so be careful).
  • To learn more about this new feature, click here.

Up Next…

  • More on Facebook coming – the new iFrames component and what that meas for you! What new services I will soon be showcasing and offering to you to help increase your presence on Facebook and customize it's appearance!
  • What You Need To Know Webinars schedule to be announced within days! Newsletter subscribers will get the first heads-up! 
  • More on the Reorganize Your Blog SERIES where we'll be discussing how to create custom dropdown boxes using HTML code (a step further and more advanced than the last article).
  • More coverage of the Blogging Success Summit 2011 SERIES with focus on Facebook!

Happy Blogging!

Heather Wright-Porto 

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