1745460 Google has released a new social networking platform and my friends at MACS (Motivators and Creators Women's Group) just posted this nice summary of Google Plus.

Excerpt from their article:

Google+ also has some other interesting features. One of which is called Circles, and it seems to redefine the way we “friend” on social networking sites. With facebook you pretty much have to choose – friends or not friends. There are some advanced settings that can help you share content with only certain people, but it requires you pay attention. However with with “Circles” your boss and co-workers are not in the same “friend pile” as your college frat buddies therefore easily allowing you to share content with certain people and not others, and it does this almost automatically. Circles allows you to filter your friends, co-workers, neighbors and family all into different categories or circles. Circles also gives you the ability to choose which content you share with which friends. Very cool feature.

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