I just wanted to share with you some of the items I've recently worked on.  In this first sample, Linda Geater had a custom design created – one that I created for her using Adobe Photoshop and other graphic tools.

Custom Design – Linda Geater

Linda is from Australia, Southern Highlands and wanted to bring a beautiful landscape into her blog design and asked if it could be a window view. She had two views to choose from.

This view was created using the window shown in the 2nd Draft and I used Photoshop tools to change the direction and angles of the window panes to open out.  However, afterwards, Linda liked the the version (2nd Draft) where the window opens in.

1st Draft – Linda Geater

Linda Geater Banner

2nd Draft – Linda Geater

She also has a new, matching signature – both live on her blog www.LindaGeater.com.

Custom Design – Nicole Derendorf

Nicole is another Stampin' Up! Demonstrator from Australia who wanted a new look to her blog around the launch of their new Catalogue.  She wanted a new custom design that matched business cards she was ordering. She also likes pink and purple and wanted something feminine. Here's Nicole's new design – www.NicoleDerendorf.com.

NOTE: She has a WordPress blog! Yes, I can customize your WordPress.com sites!

Nicole Derendorf Design

Both Linda Geater and Nicole Derendorf are blog maintenance customers – thank you ladies!

Blog Makeover Winner –  Mommy 2 Two Girls

A while ago I participated in a Kelly's Lucky You blog giveway and Eloise won the FREE Blog Makeover.  

Her original blog had a free blog layout template installed and she made custom sidebar buttons/headers as well.  In addition to creating a new blog design, I reorganized her blog creating pages for groups of items she used to have cluttering her sidebars, and created a new Socialize With Me area with small icons instead of having large widgets, again taking up valuable sidebar space.  So her blog has been completely revamped.

Mommy 2 Two Girls Design

Original Design

Since she is a mother, hence the name "Mommy 2 Two Girls", I thought we'd give her blog a personal feel and include a nice "girl" color – pinks! Eloise loves her new design and blog makeover.  Visit her at www.Mommy2TwoGirls.Blogspot.com.

Mommy 2 Two Girls Design
Blog Makeover Custom Design

Blog Makeover – Lisa Ferguson – River City Stamping

Lisa Ferguson has been a blog maintenance customer for a while now (thank you!) and she loves owls. Originally she found this cute background from www.TheCutestBlogontheBlock.com and I created a simple, coordinating banner when we did her blog setup some time ago.

River City Stamping Design
Original Design

With Stampin' Up! releases it's new Catalog (US) in July, Lisa really loved the Under the Big Top Designer Series Paper and wanted a blog design to reflect that and to be cheery, bright and fun.  And…we need to keep the owls!

Visit Lisa's site at www.RiverCityStamping.Blogspot.com!

River City Stamping Design

Blog Makeover Custom Design


FREE Blog Templates and Installations

The following ladies are Stampin' Up! demonstrators and have been Blog Maintenance customers. Rosie and Kathy are two, new Blog Setup customers where I will install a template (free) at no extra charge for signing up for a Blog Setup and Maintenance.

NOTE: Michelle Laycock (Laycock Designs), my head designer, and I both have custom design waiting lists.  Many customers like to browse these free sites (above) to find a substitute instead of waiting or to use as a temporary design while waiting for a new custom design.

Here are a few sites to look at with FREE templates to download and use!!!! 


Sweet Shoppe Installation
Antoinette (Bay Stamps) is using a template she purchased from Sweet Shoppe – Blog in a Box. I had to customize the banner and all sidebar headings, and added the signature.

Shabby Blogs Installation

Rosie (Rosie's Creative Cottage) has a new design from Shabby Blogs.  I customized the banner for her.

Ray Templates Installation
Last but not least is Karen's new template
(Create With Karen) by Ray Templates.


Thanks for following me and I hope you enjoyed this recent batch of designs.  Next set of featured designs will be on customer newsletter templates I've created (Constant Contact and Aweber) and in launching a new service for SU Demos…stay tuned!

Happy Blogging!
Have a great weekend,

Heather Wright-Porto

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