After posting the 3-Part Series on Membership sites there was a question about whether or not blog subscribers would be updated when a hidden or protected page was published. It's a great question!


Thank you Heather. I've enjoyed this series of posts and you have answered a lot of questions that I have. I have one more question. How do the feeds handle a post like the one described above. Does it show up in google reader? I know you'd have to enter the password to see the whole page, but would the post title or anything show up. (hoping the answer is no.)


You are right? The answer is NO.  Blog subscribers (people who follow your blog via email subscriptions, a reader like Google Reader, the Followers widget or simply bookmark your site) are NOT updated when new pages are created or when existing pages are edited. Blog subscribers are only updated when you "post" new articles to your blog.  Not pages. So your "hidden" pages stay "hidden" (unless someone feels like sharing the URL with a friend).


On to the next question….Thanks so much for posting questions on my blog. I will get to all of them.

Happy blogging,
Heather Wright-Porto 

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