Hi there!

Thanks for your patience. Our power was restored and we're back in business 😀  However, I'm very sick 🙁 so I'm not on the computer much regarding email, just to work. Hope to be better in the next day or so 😀

  • Today, the SU (Stampin' Up!) updates will be completed.
  • Over the next few days, before the 5th, the SU Newsletter updates get done so those who joined the newsletter maintenance can send out your newsletters the 5th of each month!
  • And working on other things of course 😀 but the SU updates are what keeps me very busy the end of a month 30th/31st thru the 5th of the following month (so October 31st – Nov. 5th).

Up next on the blog…more great blogging fun and how to use a free program like Paint.net to resize photos and create your own watermark!

Heather Wright-Porto


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