I mention this as many of my followers are Stampin' Up! demonstrators and many are developing videos for the online classes and clubs.

However, why not take it another step and create a social video and be featured on your landing page for your new online class. Like an introductory video. It should inform users about your online class, but also interact with them, excite them, and to give them a reason to want to share it (with others).

Learn & Promote

Customers are looking for valuable content, so that must be provided first, branding second. 


What is a Social Video Campaign?

Advertising powered by social is, at its best, more than just a promotional or sales tool. The value of social advertising is as a tool that builds relationships with customers. By harnessing the energy and excitement of users in a curated forum, brands can create an interactive experience where they can learn as well as promote.

As new agencies and organizations launch to address this need for social video content, the primary functions of social video are to entertain or provide valuable content, with branded content coming in second. The goal of any successful social video program is to create content that people will have an incentive to share with others in order to distribute that content through networking channels. (Wil Merritt, iMedia Connection)

Here are 5 Critical Steps in creating a Social Video Campaign:

  1. Assess
  2. Inspire
  3. Invite
  4. Interact
  5. Awared and celebrate

Here is the full article you should read to better undestand Social Video Campaigns and how you can better design your intro video to be more "Social".


Heather Wright-Porto

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