Mom-mom passed away today.
Laura Sovak
♥ 05/12/1921-02/13/2012 ♥

Many of you know that my grandma (mom-mom) hasn't been feeling well for a while. But she was determined to make the big holiday Christmas bash and then onward to the Giants winning the superbowl. That's the kind of woman she was and will always be in our memories.

I wish you could all have gotten a chance to meet here. She was amazing and super active…oh and stubborn! A Taurus!!!! She was quite the dancer too! A great sense of humor 😀

I was blessed and fortunate to see her very often as she lived right here in town! My kids, Michaela and Luke, were also lucky to have so much time with her. She vacationed often with our families. She will be missed but always with all of us – she was just that kinda gal! 😀

She has an amazing spirit and joy for life that will remain with us all. May God bless her and hold her hand as she walks (or dances) up the stairways of heaven 😀

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers during this time for me and my family.  I just wanted to keep you updated in case of a delay in replying to your emails.

Back to blogging soon! 


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