Using these words in your email's subject line will end you up in the SPAM folder!  So be sure not to use them!  Many (in the full 200 list) start with the word "Free" or "No".

Here's 20 of the 200 for starters.

  • Accept credit cards
  • Act now! Don’t hesitate!
  • Additional income
  • All natural
  • Free website
  • Full refund
  • Get paid
  • Get started now
  • Gift certificate
  • Great offer
  • Order now
  • Order status
  • Orders shipped by priority mail
  • Print form signature
  • Print out and fax
  • Cellphone cancer scam
  • Cents on the dollar
  • Check or money order
  • Claims not to be selling anything
  • Claims to be legal

For the full list of more than 200 words, Click here.

In addition, don't use any symbols in the Subject Line, such as $, *, or !

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Heather Wright-Porto 
Build an effective email newsletter! 

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